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I’m glad you’re here. Whether you're a racetrack seeking new visual branding, a speed-shop looking to create a line of merchandise for your store, a museum seeking large format designs for a new exhibit, or a coachbuilder who wants to create a more effective presence on the web... You're in the right place. 73ideas will work with you to build a more attractive, more effective, more enjoyable brand across your print, digital, social and physical properties.


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"identity and logo work... as strategic as it gets."
– Former SVP, Edelman


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– Sr. Project Manager, US Gov.

About 73ideas

73ideas is more than just design. It's about ideas – but ideas executed. It's a boutique agency of sorts, drawing on more than a decade of my own experience working on numerous Fortune 500 brands. And growing a couple startups into international competitors. Having been an owner in a tech startup that just enjoyed a successful exit – selling to a leading investment bank – I am seeking to live my passion. I'm a car guy. I have a dual overhead cam where my heart should be.

I founded 73ideas, LLC in 2004 with the plan to provide agency level strategic design and creative to mid sized companies. Eight years later, I am rebranding to specialize in my passion: the automobile. Wait. An award winning design and branding firm specializing only in automotive related work? That's my plan... Though it may take a while to get there.

I’ve got a wrench in my hand with your name on it. Click or call and let’s get to work.

If you'd like, have a look at another endeavor of mine, The Little Red Racing Car. It's a Father/Son/Car picture book story about a 1955 Maserati 300S. It's steeped in automotive heritage – even featuring Sir Stirling Moss – available in 2013. Take a look!


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"...highly sought after and for good reason..."
– Creative Director, Rhino internet

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